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Customized Metrics to Improve the Renter Experience

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Using intelligent CRM systems to measure and analyze the effectiveness of your service can provide valuable insight into how your property is perceived by your renters.

With the constantly changing expectations of what constitutes “good” customer service, it can be hard to meet the needs of a diverse population of renters. Between juggling renter expectations, maintaining quality of service, and every other administrative duty on your plate, measuring the details of your service quality can be the last thing on your mind.

Fortunately, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools exist that can give you the information you need to track these valuable metrics and give your management an idea of how effective your marketing strategies are, the effectiveness of the service you offer, and how valued your tenants feel by the property owners.

The First (and Only) Contact

The entire customer experience begins with the first call they make to your support line. A report by Cirrus showed that 72 percent of customers expect their problem to be resolved on the first attempt, meaning that if a renter ever has to call back about a problem, your reputation (and bottom line) will likely suffer.

This makes First Contact Resolution (FCR) one of the most essential metrics for customer support service to measure.

Sure, a single complaint isn’t likely to break your bank, but consider the impact that these three factors can have on both your property value and your renter’s experience when your tenants must contact you multiple times:

  1. Your previous strategies for property maintenance aren’t working
  2. Your tenant is likely frustrated by not having their issue resolved quickly or effectively
  3. Your odds of this tenant giving your property a positive endorsement once they leave are decreasing

That’s bad enough as-is, but multiple calls may also speak to weaknesses in your tenant support team to fix renter problems on the first go. By striving to achieve FCR, your tenant support team can avoid many of these issues and leave tenants feeling satisfied with your services.

Enhance Your Leads with CRM

FCR may be one of the most important metrics to be aware of, but it’s just one of many that you can track with an optimized CRM system. CRM can also collect data to give you valuable insight on where you should focus your marketing efforts, starting with the first step of any marketing initiative: building leads.

Lead generation, the first step of the sales cycle, can be drastically improved with CRM systems that provide you with valuable information. Imagine the benefits to your property management when you know who’s calling about your property, what they’re calling about, and their priorities for amenities.

Combine this with feedback from your renters and you’ll gain a better understanding of what features primarily attracts renters and how well they’re enjoying your properties, so you can highlight the aspects most likely to resonate with prospective tenants.

Customizing Support

Research by Forrester indicates that tracking customer history to enhance personalization is one of the top trends for effective customer service, and this applies as much to property management as anywhere else. The goal of using more advanced reporting isn’t just to end up with a binder full of statistics; your aim should be to gather the information necessary to provide your customers with a more personalized experience that strengthens their relationship with your property.

Keeping track of who’s on the phone is particularly important when customizing your service to your tenants. Keeping records related to who’s complaining and what they’re complaining about not only gives you the necessary feedback to problem-solve, but also allows you a comprehensive view of your tenant priorities that will enable you to provide them with a more personalized service experience in the future.

This can do wonders for improving your FCR and tenant satisfaction, as you’ll likely have a good idea of what issues your renter is facing before they even begin to speak. These data-informed approaches to customer service are what sets CRM-enhanced providers apart as competitive differentiators in the marketplace.


The effective measuring and reporting of customized metrics can give your property a better view of performance indicators related to the quality of service and renter satisfaction. They can also be leveraged to measure the impact and perception of new marketing initiatives or policy changes on your renters.

The data gathered by a CRM system can be applied to both increase the performance of your property as well to create a more personalized relationship with your renters. And at the end of the day, enhancing your relationship with your renters is what customer service is all about.

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