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Multichannel Mashup: Comparing Service Expectations Across Channels

The customer service world is growing, with unique expectations for service forming across each channel.

While there are many constants for what constitutes quality customer service, the leniency of your callers can greatly depend on what channel they choose. This is becoming a necessary issue for all contact centres to address—the omnichannel customer service experience isn’t going anywhere, and delivering effective service in a multichannel world requires an understanding of how and why each caller chooses to interact each available channel. Read more


Embracing the Change: The Ever-Evolving Multichannel World

What does multichannel mean for today’s contact centre? Read on for an insider’s view.

It’s no secret that the contact centre has long moved on from its phone-exclusive days of times past. Once merely a “call centre,” today’s customer service contact centre is expected to address customer issues on as many channels as on your cable TV. But in the technology age when it seems that every week there is a new method of communication, what’s a contact centre to do to keep from being outdated? Here’s a closer look at what multichannel means for contact centres today and how you can stay hip to the needs of 21st century customers. Read more

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4 Best Practices for a Magnificent Multichannel Contact Centre

How to meet or exceed customers’ expectations for a truly seamless multichannel contact centre environment.

In an environment in which the vast majority of contact centres are offering some semblance of a multichannel environment, merely offering social media service or email options isn’t enough to set your contact centre apart from the competition.

According to research from Call Center IQ, 88 percent of contact centres are now offering a multichannel experience. So how do you differentiate your client service centre and leverage a seamless service experience to position your team as the leader within your industry? Read more