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Community conscious technology

Building Community: Bringing Social CRM to Your Customers

A new trend of “social CRM” is on the rise, offering enhanced consumer experiences through engagement and flexibility.

CRM solutions are developing to reflect the changing needs of today’s users. Social media integration, wearable devices, and Cloud-connectivity allow businesses to gather information on users in more advanced ways than what traditional CRM models promised. Instead of monitoring, devices are engaging. Rather than using data to advertise the most popular products, advertisements are personalized to the exact needs of the consumer. Truly, the future of CRM technology in the contact centre and beyond promises far higher levels of integration and customization. Read more

Detective-Plain Background

A New Kind of Gumshoe – CRM in the Contact Centre

How to think like a detective about customer relationship management in order to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Think of how many gruesome crimes have been solved thanks to the ingenious efforts of criminal profilers. These experts are able to make predictions about the type of person that may have committed a crime based on certain characteristic actions and clues. Read more

Spaceship Flying Around Planet

More Bang for Your Buck: Getting the Most from CRM Software

How to leverage smart insights from customer relationship management tools to set your company apart from its competition.

A smart, integrated customer relationship management (CRM) software solution can help bolster the customer experience by providing a wealth of insights about your clients over the life of their relationship with your brand. Unfortunately, many contact centres don’t currently have access to intuitive, responsive CRM software that enhances agents’ abilities to quickly meet customers’ needs. Read more

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Open the Gates for CRM Software by Using These 3 Simple Tips

How to get the most from your chosen CRM software so you can open the floodgates on valuable customer data and marketing information.

So you’ve decided you’re ready to implement a new CRM system and capture information from your incoming calls. Your client service centre has just taken a quantum leap forward with reference to how much bang you’ll get for your contact centre investment bucks. Get ready to open the dam on valuable data you previously weren’t accessing. Read more