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Shocked and surprised at reputation

Protecting Your Rep: 4 Ways to Safeguard Your Online Reputation

Everything you need to know about a business can be found online—what do your search results say?

Today’s Internet is a complicated place. We have access to more information than anybody ever has before, and what do we do with it?

Most of the time, we’re complaining. Just take a look at the nearest Facebook profile and you’ll see; we love complaining about our problems. Read more

Call Overflow Stress

Calling in Backup: 4 Tips for Scaling Resources during Call Volume Spikes

Unpredicted call volume can wreak havoc on your centre’s customer satisfaction and efficiency.

It’s no secret that the contact centre is powered by data.

Data gives us the ability to assess caller behaviors, analyze their interactions, and deliver a better overall customer experience. And as it turns out, the benefits of data aren’t limited to your customers—correctly gathered and applied data can benefit your contact centre in a big way. How? Read more

Young Girl Talking On Smartphone And Typing On Laptop

What They Want: Reviewing Customer Expectations of Service

The customer may always be right, but meeting their expectations is a challenge without the right data to back you up.

Your customers are depending on you—not to just to meet their needs, but to predict their needs.

The job of customer service, after all, isn’t really “crisis management” as we’re all lead to believe; it’s relationship management. Your agents are the glue that holds the customer-to-business relationship together. As such, knowing the expectations of your callers is a critical part of maintaining a positive brand image. Read more

Nightmare Phone Calls

Escaping Telephone Limbo: How to Proactively Reduce Average Handle Times

Reducing average handle times is an effective and essential way to create a satisfactory customer service experience.

Quality customer service has become more than just a modern-day marketing buzz word. Establishing trust and communicating with your customers is an essential part of creating a satisfying customer experience, and it’s important to understand which aspects contribute most to customer satisfaction. Read more

Pupils raising their hands during class at the elementary school

Empowering Education: The Rise of Self-Service

While customer service is primarily focused on helping others, consumers these days want to first help themselves.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one: you discover a problem with your recent purchase, so you go online to look for solutions. Seeing the wealth of self-help options, FAQs, and tutorials available, you feel confident that a resolution is only a click away. Flash forward 2 hours, and you’re on the phone with customer support feeling agitated and wondering what went wrong in your self-help procedure. Read more