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Customized Metrics to Improve the Renter Experience

Using intelligent CRM systems to measure and analyze the effectiveness of your service can provide valuable insight into how your property is perceived by your renters.

With the constantly changing expectations of what constitutes “good” customer service, it can be hard to meet the needs of a diverse population of renters. Between juggling renter expectations, maintaining quality of service, and every other administrative duty on your plate, measuring the details of your service quality can be the last thing on your mind. Read more

Customer Feedback

A Value-Driven Relationship: Receiving and Utilizing Tenant Feedback

For property owners whose livelihood depends on keeping renters happy, tenant feedback can be a powerful tool to enhance renter satisfaction and property value.

Customer service has a reputation for being the front-line in the war of problem resolution. Your representatives get complaints directly from renters and customers alike, creating a stressful state of affairs that needs care and attention to resolve. Read more

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Maintaining Clear Communication for Landlords & Renters

While there are many aspects that go into great customer service for property management, one of the most critical is also often the most overlooked: maintaining communication.

Communication between landlords and tenants is a relationship that goes both ways. Tenants need landlords who are honest and upfront about property issues, while landlords need renters who are responsive and communicative about their needs and concerns. Read more

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Delivering Essential Customer Service for Renters & Tenants

Providing customer service for renters is about more than problem resolution; it involves creating a unique renter experience aimed at improving the management/renter relationship.

How does customer service for rental properties differ from service for other businesses?

The short answer: It doesn’t.

Quality customer service follows basic principles no matter what industry you’re in — facilitating communication, dynamic problem resolution, and making your customers feel valued.

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