happy contact centre agents

Morale Mashup: Agent Autonomy and Other Key Strategies for Motivation

The secret’s out—motivated agents are productive agents.

As expectations for customer service quality continue to grow (the 2015 State of Multichannel Customer Service Report revealed that 60 percent of consumers have higher expectations for service quality than they have in years past) contact centres must take all steps to make sure they can deliver the best customer experience possible. Read more

Customer Service Team

Fighting Back: Building a Customer Service Team that Exceeds Expectations

Service teams that aren’t properly trained are giving customer service a bad name.

As sad as it is to say, people don’t always expect much from customer service.

The 2015 SDL Global CX Wakeup Call Report demonstrated this—according to the data, 45 percent of customers couldn’t remember having a successful customer experience. Service failures were present across the board: Read more