Why @liveconx

Why you should choose

24 Hours 7 Days Customer Service

24/7 365

@liveconx is ready to serve your customers and clients on their schedule when they need support the most.

bilingual communication services


Our representatives speak your language so we can help your customers and clients no matter what the problem is.

multichannel communications


Our services go beyond just answering the phone. We support your customers and clients across mobile, email, SMS or pager.

Our Contact Center Services

  • Health and Social Services

    Using our unique combination of real-time communications technology and automated resource management, we ensure that when someone needs your assistance, a real person is always there, ready to help.

  • Property Management

    A good relationship with your tenant requires dependable 24/7 communication. You need the best communications access channels available to communicate with your tenants and keep them informed, safe and happy with where they live.

  • Municipalities and Government Services

    In today’s hectic and interconnected world, 9 to 5 just doesn’t cut it. Whether it’s a simple request for information, reporting a problem or responding to a survey, your constituents need and demand convenience.

  • Mobile Customer Services

    Whether you are an HVAC, plumbing, electrical, maintenance, landscape or other service or repair contractor your business is in the field. However, juggling the demands of the office while working in the field is difficult.

  • Education

    Outsourcing fulfillment of employee vacancies to @liveconx provides businesses with a service that delivers over 97% fill rate at a fraction of the cost of performing the function internally.

  • Substitute Employee Management Services

    @liveconx has been providing SEMS (Substitute Employee Management Services) to Ontario businesses and school boards for over 7 years. sems@liveconx is a customized service tailored for your business or education sector.

@liveconx Call Centre Fact Sheet

Download for Free

Download Our Fact Sheet and learn how @liveconx can help your business succeed with 24/7, multilingual Contact Center Solutions

With @liveconx, you can increase your customer service levels and reduce operating expenses!

Your clients demand convenience and immediate response in their communications with you. They want to choose when and how they contact you. They don’t want to wait on hold, or talk to an automated “Emily”.

@liveconx is a leader in full service, multi-channel, web-enabled contact response solutions and call answering services. @liveconx employs a unique combination of real-time communications technology, automated resource management, and the all important human touch, to keep your business connected when it matters most.

@liveconx provides efficient, affordable contact response solutions and call answer services that track, manage and respond to all client contacts regardless of the communication method or time of day.

As a custom solutions provider, we maximize our capabilities by focusing on select industries. This segmentation allows @liveconx to anticipate and identify trends within these markets to continually provide and deliver solutions in line with your business challenges and objectives.

Today’s generation of consumers are informed and selective with its purchasing decisions. Today’s consumers have the power to choose, recommend or abandon brands and providers based on their experience with a single service.

Consumers demand more from both private and public sector organizations they do business with and they expect:

  • To speak or communicate with someone in English or French
  • Ease of access to general inquiry, service or emergency information
  • Convenient communication channels for getting answers and providing feedback about service
  • High levels of customer service regardless of time of day
  • Organizations to stand behind their services
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