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happy contact centre agents

Morale Mashup: Agent Autonomy and Other Key Strategies for Motivation

The secret’s out—motivated agents are productive agents.

As expectations for customer service quality continue to grow (the 2015 State of Multichannel Customer Service Report revealed that 60 percent of consumers have higher expectations for service quality than they have in years past) contact centres must take all steps to make sure they can deliver the best customer experience possible. Read more

group coaching of employees

Put Me In, Coach! Management Mastery with Employee Coaching

When it comes to managing employee performance, one-on-one coaching can offer advantages not found with any other method.

A common philosophy in the business world is that employees aren’t loyal to a company, they’re loyal to a leader.

A good leader is someone who knows the strengths of their team, motivates them to improve, and inspires faith in a common cause. To meet these goals, leaders often have to get up close and personal with their staff to learn where their sticking points are and how best to enhance their performance. Read more

Customer Service Super Agents

Power to the People: Training Super Agents

When problems in the contact centre require dedication, flexibility, and innovation, your customers need more than what the average agent can provide.

Contact centre agents need to adapt to the changing expectations of the customer service world.

As customers become empowered with online resources and self-help troubleshooting, the realm of customer service moves away from generalized problem solving. Call centre agents need to be prepared to handle increasingly complex challenges that customers can’t solve on their own. Read more

Successful performance management

Performance Management & How it Can Hurt Your Agents

Performance metrics and annual reviews are a thing of the past—the future of employee management is all about communication, cooperation, and teamwork.

An essential part of management is reviewing employee performance. This is usually done in some type of annual performance review where the manager drags an employee into their office and laundry-lists their shortcomings with numerical scores, performance benchmarks, and the occasional compliment thrown in. Read more

Social Media Customer Service

Shared and Followed: Hiring Social Media Representatives

In a world that increasingly relies on social media for business and personal interaction, having a dedicated team of social media representatives can do wonders for your customer service.

The business reputations of many companies depend on their ability to provide good customer service — one of the reasons so many have chosen to outsource to third party customer service providers. Read more

Businessman Employed After A Job Interview

Never Be Satisfied: Hiring and Training Employees for Maximum Success

The customer service experience begins with hiring and training the right team.

What makes a good call centre? Is it one that constantly exceeds customer expectations? Or how about one that never fails to meet their performance benchmarks?

While both of these are essential to an effective contact centre, they’re both the end result of a much more important factor: the skill of your team. Read more