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Why Automatic Call Distribution Software Will Impact Your Business!

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How to use automatic call distribution software and best practices to ensure your customers reach the right team member every time.

If you aren’t already using an automatic call distribution system in your client service centre, you may be wasting money in labor costs and risking high call abandon rates from frustrated customers. Consider this startling statistic from Avaya, a US business communications systems firm: 58 percent of customers say they believe they get better service from their fellow consumers than from most corporate client service representatives. What that means is that the deck is already stacked against you, and providing excellent customer service with the help of an intuitive automatic call distribution system can help you overcome this unfortunately widely held belief among consumers.

If your goal is to be sure that the right people are answering the right phone calls, automatic call distribution will help you:

  • Make sure your calls are being funneled to the appropriate resource automatically
  • Cut down on hold times and reduce your abandoned call rate
  • Improve client satisfaction
  • Reduce operational costs by allowing you to more appropriately scale staffing; reduce client loss due to dissatisfaction with service; and redirect human and physical resources to more pressing matters while your automatic call distribution system keeps the gears running smoothly
  • Benefit from enhanced analytics that will help you see trouble points and take action to repair them
  • Prioritize calls from high-value clients and customers so their wait times can be reduced even more dramatically
  • Establish a call-back option so you can further reduce hold times, staffing rates, and abandoned call numbers

It’s clear that automatic call distribution is a valuable service from which any client service center can profit when used effectively. The trouble is, you may not be sure where to turn when choosing an automatic call distribution software platform. There are many resources available on the market, and you’re wise to do your research before choosing an automatic call distribution system. It will undoubtedly become an integral part of your client service center operations.

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Perhaps you have faith in your customer service reps and think they can continue to handle call distribution on their own. In this day and age, it’s rather naïve to think that playing without a full deck will let you win in a competitive market in which educated consumers are used to shopping around online to compare prices from a crowded field of competitors. The same holds true in the realm of customer service. If your in-house client service center isn’t making the grade, those same customers who believe they get better service from their peers than from professional service reps will look elsewhere for their home healthcare, housing, or high-value services needs.

You may have a great product or service, but if the right person isn’t picking up the right call when your customers have needs to be met, you’re risking losing business based on dissatisfaction with service. That’s why it’s vital that you’re using an excellent automatic call distribution software platform, whether you handle client service needs in-house or through a third party vendor. If you want more information about how these systems can benefit your business, please download our informative free whitepaper, “10 Proven Strategies to Decrease the Costs of Your Customer Care Without Sacrificing Service Levels.”