bad reputation - telling a secret

The Social Stigma: The Importance of Your Online Reputation

A bad online reputation can turn a perfectly good company into a business pariah.

They say that thanks to the Internet, we’re never truly alone.

And when you think about it, they’re right—we’re connected to each other through more ways that we realize. Email accounts. Messenger apps. Social media. The proverbial “town hall” has made the transition to digital, with online platforms and social media becoming the hot new place to discuss emerging issues. Read more

Shocked and surprised at reputation

Protecting Your Rep: 4 Ways to Safeguard Your Online Reputation

Everything you need to know about a business can be found online—what do your search results say?

Today’s Internet is a complicated place. We have access to more information than anybody ever has before, and what do we do with it?

Most of the time, we’re complaining. Just take a look at the nearest Facebook profile and you’ll see; we love complaining about our problems. Read more

Thumbs Up - customer satisfaction

Likes and Dislikes: Metrics for Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Understanding how to measure and leverage customer satisfaction metrics in a digital age

Customer satisfaction can be a tricky trait to measure, especially with satisfaction being so subjective. While an individual customer may consider a service, a product, or technical support satisfactory, another may not. Sometimes the disconnect is a matter of opinion. Maybe Customer A enjoyed a call center staff member’s upbeat attitude while Customer B felt the same attitude was annoying. Other times, your customer service functions themselves really could be suffering. Read more

Call Overflow Stress

Calling in Backup: 4 Tips for Scaling Resources during Call Volume Spikes

Unpredicted call volume can wreak havoc on your centre’s customer satisfaction and efficiency.

It’s no secret that the contact centre is powered by data.

Data gives us the ability to assess caller behaviors, analyze their interactions, and deliver a better overall customer experience. And as it turns out, the benefits of data aren’t limited to your customers—correctly gathered and applied data can benefit your contact centre in a big way. How? Read more

building a relationship with your customer

Satisfaction Secrets: Building Real Relationships with Your Customers

February is the month of relationships – and your relationship with your customer is more important than ever.

The contact centre is a hub of relationships.

Yes, in the past we’ve discussed how your agents are the problem-solving first responders for crisis situations, but really, it’s not always that dramatic. Your agents are simply there to facilitate a smoother customer experience for the customers that reach out. To that end, anything your agents can do to decrease the effort of each transaction and increase overall customer satisfaction should be a priority. Read more

Man experiencing customer satisfaction

Another Satisfied Customer: 8 Ways to Accelerate Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is essential to the contact centre—and improving it is easier than you think.

In the customer service game, is there anything more important than customer satisfaction?

Oh sure, there’s no denying that metrics like First Contact Resolution (FCR) and average handle time (AHT) are essential as well. Every metric has a role to play in your customer service outreach. Read more

Stressed woman sitting on ground

Curbing Customer Service Woes: Improving Low Support Service Quality

Improving your contact centre’s service quality with proactive practices.

A company’s support centre is the backbone of public relations and customer satisfaction. Customer service is often the window through which consumers and the general public see any organization, and failing to deliver quality support at all times can be a business killer. In fact, 76% of consumers look at customer service as a test of their value to a brand. Fortunately, even your disgruntled customers can be swayed back to your side with the help of high quality customer service. Read more