multilingual call centre services

What Can You Do About Multilingual Call Center Services Right Now

How to be sure your firm stays competitive by meeting all customers’ needs with multilingual contact center support.

The unceasing tides of globalization and the Internet have vastly decreased distances between cultures across the world. A Canadian government statistics report found that 17.5 percent of Canadians (nearly six million individuals) reported speaking at least two languages in their homes. While Canadians are used to functioning in a bilingual society and most Canadian firms already offer full service multilingual contact center support in both official languages, these days two languages are often not enough. If you aren’t certain that your firm offers multilingual contact center service that meets or exceeds the expectations of your diverse customer base, you may be teetering on the brink of obsolescence.

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5 Tips to Handle Growing Call Volumes

More Customers at Lower Cost: 5 Tips to Handle Growing Call Volumes

How to handle growing call volume without increasing labour costs or sacrificing customer service.

When service is your business, increasing call volume can really tax your organization. If your business isn’t designed to operate 24/7 but customers want round-the-clock service, it may be time to rethink how you can handle burgeoning call volume without blowing your staffing budget. Here are five tips for dealing with growing volume of incoming calls without letting the increase in customer demand bankrupt your business. Read more