15 Ways a Call Software Application Can Improve Your Business

How to cut through the static and take advantage of crucial call software features that will give your business a major advantage.

If your contact centre is an automobile, a good call software application is the grease that keeps everything running smoothly and efficiently. Without vital information about each customer interaction, how can you possibly expect to offer top-notch customer service in an efficient manner? Read more

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Guide to Measuring ROI – 10 Tips & Tricks

Contact centre managers never stop being reminded of their top priorities: maximizing efficiency, reducing expenses, and maintaining consistently high client service levels.

Improved contact centre technology has put efficiency at stunningly high levels, but it’s sometimes hard to manage costs. While you know there are many ways to assess your client service centre’s performance – many that aren’t expressed as KPIs or metrics – the executive suite only wants to hear about cold, hard numbers. Read more

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How Call Logging & Recording Technology Can Help Your Business

The modern contact centre is absolutely powerless without smart call logging and recording technology to provide priceless insights about customers, employees, and overall institutional efficiency.

If you are still living in the dark ages without reliable call logging and call recording software systems, how can your firm possibly maintain or improve on client service levels? Today’s consumers expect you to know how to solve their problems before they even arise; with valuable insights garnered from the recording and precise tracking of calls, you can always be one step ahead. Read more

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Checklist – 15 Things to Help Plan for a Service Outage: Part 2

Ensure your customers’ needs will continue to be met in the event your contact centre experiences a service outage.

Note: The following is part two of a two part article. Find part one here.

When we last left off on Wednesday, we had covered 8 steps on how to plan for a service outage. The remaining 7 steps will be the focus of today’s article. These steps will ensure your customers’ needs will continue to be met in the event your contact centre experiences a service outage. Read more

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Checklist – 15 Things to Help Plan for a Service Outage: Part 1

How to guarantee that you can maintain a high level of client service when an unexpected service outage disables your operations.

The following is part one of a two part article. Find part two here.

When providing excellent client service is your top priority, unexpected operations outages can be disastrous. To ensure your client service centre is prepared to handle nearly any surprise service shutdown, here are a few preparatory steps you can take. Read more

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Being Prepared: Handling Poor Weather Situations

One of the challenging things about living in Canada is the variation in weather we see season-to-season, let alone day-to-day.

A storm that would potentially halt a city in the past is now cleaned up in a mere number of hours, all the while it’s business as usual for everyone else. However this can create issues within the workplace. Working in a call centre can be particularly nerve racking though as poor weather can produce extremes in workload with a depleted workforce. However, one can never be too prepared and having a backup plan for when the weather turns nasty can help you get out of a tight jam. Read more

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The Five-Star Priority Caller Treatment

How to use smart contact centre technology to ensure that your high-value customers get the VIP treatment so you never lose a valued customer or a big-time sale.

Just as frequent fliers get priority boarding and hotel regulars get swanky room upgrades, your business’ most valued customers – whether they’re big spenders or just long-time clients – should get the five-star treatment when they have to engage with your contact centre agents. It’s important to take extra steps to treat your high-value customers like true contact centre VIPs. Read more

Workforce Management

7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Workforce Management Software

When dealing with workforce management software, it can be easy to install and go without putting much thought into how or what your dealing with.

Much of the software released now comes equipped with advanced functionalities that can be easily overlooked simply because a task is “done a particular way.” The following should be a nice refresher, or even a wake up call to some of the functionalities your workforce management software can offer. Read more

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Telephone Etiquette – 6 Easy Ways to Avoid Potential Problems

With taking a large number of incoming calls throughout the day, it can be difficult to maintain an air of professionalism and let comfortable habits form.

While some habits can be okay, others can have a detrimental effect on the quality of a call. Sometimes it can be hard to remember that the caller relies completely on how you say things and ask questions, as they cannot see your facial movements or body language. While it may be basic, good telephone etiquette is just good common sense. Read more

Automatic Call Distribution, Call Routing

Why Automatic Call Distribution Software Will Impact Your Business!

How to use automatic call distribution software and best practices to ensure your customers reach the right team member every time.

If you aren’t already using an automatic call distribution system in your client service centre, you may be wasting money in labor costs and risking high call abandon rates from frustrated customers. Consider this startling statistic from Avaya, a US business communications systems firm: 58 percent of customers say they believe they get better service from their fellow consumers than from most corporate client service representatives. What that means is that the deck is already stacked against you, and providing excellent customer service with the help of an intuitive automatic call distribution system can help you overcome this unfortunately widely held belief among consumers. Read more