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Looking Ahead – Mobile Users and the Contact Centre

How to amp-up your mobile customer service methods in order to connect with the fastest, youngest, savvy customers: the mobile set.

What are the most vital and central factors of your life? Your family? Your friends or coworkers?

What about your smartphone? Does “central aspect” feel a bit too strong for your thoughts about your relationship to your mobile device? If so, you’re in the minority: new data from Exact Target research found 85 percent of survey respondents believe their mobile devices to be “central aspects” of their lives. Read more

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From So-So to Solid: 5 Social Media Benefits for Contact Centres

How to use social media in a masterful way to help improve standards of service without getting caught in a training trap.

Over the last several years, there has been a marked shift toward businesses providing some aspect of customer service via social media. Though there are still many holdouts, companies taking advantage of smart social tools stand to benefit significantly. In fact, Twitter and Facebook, two of the most popular social media channels and those most frequently used in the customer service setting, boast over 1.5 billion users between them. Read more

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4 Best Practices for a Magnificent Multichannel Contact Centre

How to meet or exceed customers’ expectations for a truly seamless multichannel contact centre environment.

In an environment in which the vast majority of contact centres are offering some semblance of a multichannel environment, merely offering social media service or email options isn’t enough to set your contact centre apart from the competition.

According to research from Call Center IQ, 88 percent of contact centres are now offering a multichannel experience. So how do you differentiate your client service centre and leverage a seamless service experience to position your team as the leader within your industry? Read more

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What is Multichannel & Why Do I Need It?

How to make the shift to multichannel and meet or exceed customer expectations for service in a competitive marketplace.

Contact centre managers who have been in the business long enough remember the days when the contact centre was still called the “call centre.” It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out why this vocabulary shift happened; the term “contact centre” emerged to make room for various other methods of contacting customer service representatives, including video, email, smartphone, social media and more. Read more

The Human Touch to Customer Service [Infographic]

How to cross the threshold and deliver truly amazing customer service.

There are a lot of online resources out there that offer guidance on how to provide great customer service. Many make claims about doing particular things, which will help resolve customer service issues. However simply “doing” won’t necessitate that change. You need to be engaged and make connection with your client to deliver truly legendary customer service to them. That’s why we’ve created this infographic on how to give that human touch in a digital world. Read more

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One Goal to Rule Them All: Why Customer Experience Matters Most

How to cut through confusing and competing contact centre goals and put the focus on the single most important mission: improving customer experience.

Contact centre managers have a number of competing priorities, but there’s simply no question that customer experience is what matters most. Research from Harris Interactive states that a full 86 percent of customers claim they will shell out up to 25 percent more to get a better customer experience. If you’re not putting your operational focus squarely on improving the start-to-finish relationship your customers have with your company, you’re likely missing the mark. Read more

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More Bang for Your Buck: Getting the Most from CRM Software

How to leverage smart insights from customer relationship management tools to set your company apart from its competition.

A smart, integrated customer relationship management (CRM) software solution can help bolster the customer experience by providing a wealth of insights about your clients over the life of their relationship with your brand. Unfortunately, many contact centres don’t currently have access to intuitive, responsive CRM software that enhances agents’ abilities to quickly meet customers’ needs. Read more

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Lean & Mean – 10 Ways to Improve Process & Productivity

How to improve contact centre processes to benefit both your customers and your business.

Running a thriving contact centre that provides seamless, consistent customer service means productivity must be a top priority. In order to create a system that works for both your business and your customers, you must put the focus on streamlining your processes so agents can concentrate on solving client inquiries while you save money by eliminating inefficiencies. Here are 10 ways to streamline your client service centre’s operations in order to create a lean, mean customer service machine: an efficient, efficacious contact centre. Read more

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5 Smart Social Media Strategies for the Contact Centre

How to tap into a smart social strategy to help you form thriving relationships with your customers by satisfying their thirst for connections.

Social media is a powerful way for companies to connect with consumers. In fact, CFI Group, a customer feedback analysis company, found that adding an effective social media service improves customer satisfaction rates by up to 20 percent! The trouble is it’s tempting to think of just having social channels as enough. Unfortunately, getting up and running with social media is just the first step toward establishing a thriving presence. Once you get set up with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more, you have to actively engage with your friends, fans, and followers in order to be a bona fide social media powerhouse. Read more

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To Infinity & Beyond: 4 Trends Defining the Future of Contact Centres

How to harness the power of emerging contact centre trends to provide customer service that anticipates the needs of today’s consumers.

U.S. Civil War president Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.” While it’s easy to get swept away by the day-to-day demands of running a bustling contact centre, it’s equally important to remember that each day that passes without investing in improving customer service for the future is a day wasted due to untapped potential. Read more