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How Call Logging & Recording Technology Can Help Your Business

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The modern contact centre is absolutely powerless without smart call logging and recording technology to provide priceless insights about customers, employees, and overall institutional efficiency.

If you are still living in the dark ages without reliable call logging and call recording software systems, how can your firm possibly maintain or improve on client service levels? Today’s consumers expect you to know how to solve their problems before they even arise; with valuable insights garnered from the recording and precise tracking of calls, you can always be one step ahead.

Benefits of Call Recording

Using smart and unobtrusive call recording systems to keep a digital record of the voice calls made to and from your client service centre, you have an invaluable record of your agents’ interactions with customers. Today’s consumers are used to being informed that their “calls may be monitored for quality assurance purposes,” so why not take advantage of the aforementioned purposes and leverage the insights you glean to improve your level of client service?

Here are just a few of the many advantages you get when you have access to recorded calls:

  • Quality control – Identify frequently reported issues and report them to the rest of your production team or service departments. Discover frequently asked questions so you can simplify marketing messaging or clarify confusing instructions.
  • Paper trail – Trace conflicts from customer to agent and identify failures in service. Maintain a useful record should you need proof of a verbal agreement or to reference it during potential litigation.
  • Improved agent service – Assess agents’ performance on a regular basis as part of your contact centre quality assurance program. Gain valuable insights into weaknesses in your training program. Trace agent improvement or lack thereof for use in human resources decisions. Improve agents’ telephone skills using recorded calls as examples of good (or subpar) service.
  • Happier customers – Please customers with improved service levels achieved using insights from recorded calls. Attain higher customer loyalty numbers by increasing customer satisfaction and gain additional referrals. Happy consumers means increased revenue.

Before implementing any call recording program, be sure it conforms to government regulations regarding the recording of customer calls and the use of recorded calling data.

Benefits of Call Logging

Call logging systems or CRM applications empower client service centre managers by putting all incoming and outgoing call data at your fingertips. You can carefully search through reports ordered by inquiry type, agent, customer, and more. With access to your complete call logs, you can retrieve your entire contact centre’s calling data and be sure your team is resolving every customer issue efficiently and completely.

Benefits of implementing a reliable call logging system include:

  • Lower costs – Access your entire telephone service record and verify that you’re getting what you’re paying for from your service provider.
  • Improved efficiency – Determine which agents are most productive and which need retraining or other action. See valuable data about each agent’s number of incoming and outgoing calls and time spent on various issues or tasks. Provide executives with actionable efficiency data.
  • Greater security – Block access to numbers you don’t want outgoing calls reaching. Protect your contact centre’s phone system from hacking with onboard security programs offered by many call logging systems. Identify and eliminate fraud both from outside and within your organization.
  • Improved scheduling – Balance staffing levels in accordance with high-volume call times. Determine when it’s time to bring on a third-party contact centre support service  to help fill weaknesses in your schedule and maintain service levels.
  • Airtight paper trail – Your contact centre’s call log may prove infinitely valuable in potential legal matters in which you need clear records. Always be sure your call recording and logging systems are in compliance with current government regulations.
  • Accurate Reporting & Metrics – Most call logging or CRM applications have both tandard and customizable reporting formats that will allow you to report on virtually any data that is logged in your system

Why You Need Call Logging and Recording Now

Your short-term investment in improved call recording and logging software now will provide long-term benefits and pay for itself should you ever need access to important data for a litigation issue. The insights you glean and money you save by identifying and eliminating weaknesses in your operations will pay you back tenfold over time. For more information on how to improve the efficiency of your contact centre without sacrificing service levels, check out our free white paper, “Guide to Measuring and Analyzing Call Types.”

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