15 Ways a Call Software Application Can Improve Your Business

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How to cut through the static and take advantage of crucial call software features that will give your business a major advantage.

If your contact centre is an automobile, a good call software application is the grease that keeps everything running smoothly and efficiently. Without vital information about each customer interaction, how can you possibly expect to offer top-notch customer service in an efficient manner?

If you don’t want to be left behind while competitors please customers and woo them away from your organization, it’s time to consider a quality call software application to empower your agents and provide a positive, all-inclusive customer experience. This will keep your customers happy, loyal, and eager to share the “good news” about your firm with their friends and colleagues. Here are 15 ways a call software application will improve your business’ operations, leading to more satisfied customers, emboldened agents, and greater profits for the whole company.

1. Caller ID Helps Agents Prepare

Advanced caller ID technology allows agents to know who is calling before they answer and pull up a detailed profile. This way, they can connect the callers to what they need as quickly as possible while taking note of any special considerations (such as VIP status).

2. CRM Integration

Agents can connect telephone interactions with the contact centre CRM and bank valuable data that will be useful in future interactions in addition to helping resolve the matter at hand.

3. Improved FCR

First call resolution is a crucial factor for operating a top-performing client service centre operation. First-rate software will empower agents to resolve customer inquiries or issues the first time, eliminating the need for unnecessary repeat calls.

4. Manage Multiple Interactions as One Event

A sales transaction may have many parties involved, including influencers and other specialists. Call software helps manage call profiles from multiple players in order to seamlessly capture one transaction as a unique event.

5. Capture Vital Data the First Time

Minimize consumer annoyance by getting all the details the first time. Multiple agents won’t have to handle the same inquiry due to missing vital information. If you need convincing, Oracle reports that 55 percent of consumers say they are frustrated by having to repeat information again and again. Get serious and get the data you need the first time.

6. Opportunities for Increased Sales

Access to complete customer data allows agents to view opportunities to provide additional services for the customer. Reps can suggest improvements in service and even cost-saving strategies to please customers and get them to invest more in your business.

7. Improved Customer Experience

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that a smart call software app improves the customer experience by minimizing mistakes, missed opportunities, and missed information.

8. Customization for B2C or B2B Needs

B2B contact centre transactions tend to be more complex and time-consuming; good software will meet the unique needs of your company whether you operate in the B2B or B2C realm.

9. Eliminate Failure Due to Inadequate Technology

Many times agents fail to accurately complete a transaction or completely resolve an inquiry because they don’t have good call centre software to rely on; investing in software will eliminate organizational loss due to this issue.

10. Increased Savings

An investment in a call software application now will save money over the long term due to reduced customer attrition and improved service.

11. Enhanced Operations

Good call software will help your contact centre operate seamlessly and efficiently, saving time and money for the company.

12. Fuller Customer Profiles

Quality call software applications allow you access to a more complete customer profile so that you can provide better service.

13. Detailed Caller Histories

Key information about previous calls or business interactions on each caller and the ways this person relates to others in your database is available with call software that integrates with your CRM. These benefits minimize miscommunication and cut down on broken promises since all agents can access a full customer profile and interaction history.

14. Reduced Call Time for Increased Efficiency

Good software allows agents to quickly and easily access important information so agents reduce call time and wait time for customers while simultaneously freeing themselves up to take more calls.

15. Reduced Agent Stress

Calm and happy agents mean less employee turnover and a more productive workforce. Everybody wins!

If you aren’t using a smart call software application to help run your contact centre operations, the business as a whole may suffer. To improve your client service levels and keep your customers happy, it’s time to upgrade. For more information on how good calling data can benefit your company, download our free white paper.

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